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Mrs Global United 2015 - Mdm Look Kah Hui *International winner, August 1. Minneapolis
Mrs Asia International Global 2015 - Grace Kan
Mrs Asia International Cosmopolitan - Cynthia Yee
Miss Asia Award 2015 - Janice Tan (KL) *International winner
Little Miss World 2015 (9-12 age category) - Jarellyn (KL) *Oct 3, 2015
Miss Model of The World 4th runners up - Tanisha Kaur (Putrajaya)

Miss Universe Malaysia - Vanessa Tevi Kumares (Negeri Sembilan)
Miss World Malaysia - Brynn Zalina Lovett (Sabah)
Miss International Malaysia - Immaculate Lojuki (Sabah)
Miss Earth Malaysia - Danielle Wong (Melaka)
Miss Grand Malaysia - Santhawan Boon Ratana (Kedah)
Miss Supranational Malaysia - Tanisha Kaur (Putrajaya)
Model of The World Malaysia - Charlie Lai (KL)
Miss Global Beauty Queen Malaysia - Rubini Sambanthan (KL)
Miss Tourism World Malaysia - Sherlyn Goh
Miss Tourism Intl Malaysia - Amrit Kaur (Penang)
Miss Intercontinental Malaysia - Livonia Ricky (Sarawak)
Miss Tourism Queen Intl Borneo - Livonia Ricky (Sarawak)
Miss Tourism Intl Malaysia - Xandria Ban (Sabah)
Miss Chinese Intl Malaysia - Janice On
Miss India Worldwide Malaysia - Moganasundari Mahalingam
Miss ASEAN Malaysia - Charissa Chong (KL)
Miss ASEAN Borneo - Yvonne Supang (Sarawak)
Miss Diversity Culture Malaysia - Miera Sheikh (Johor)
Miss Diversity Culture Borneo - Kueh May Fung (Sarawak)
Miss PanContinental Malaysia - Nisha Kumar (KL)
Miss Heritage Intl Malaysia - Miera Sheikh (Johor)
Miss All Nations Malaysia - Cheryll Ho (Perak)
Miss Planet Malaysia - Cheryl Jo-Anne (Sabah)
Miss Bikini Universe Malaysia - Pritty Dhillon (Selangor)
Miss World Peace Malaysia - Pritty Dhillon (Selangor)
International Supermodel Malaysia - Danielle Wong (Melaka)
Miss Global Malaysia - Amrit Kaur Dhillon
Miss Global City Malaysia - Emily Lee & Hayley Yeap (Perak)
Miss Scuba Intl Malaysia - Sanjna Suri
Miss International Queen Malaysia - Hendra (Sarawak)
Miss Petite World Malaysia - Audrey Lee Hwee Wen
Miss SEA Tourism Ambassadress Malaysia -
ifeel Girl Search - Boo Sze Teng

Supermodel Malaysia (Female) - Nurfashikin Mohd Faisal Gomez
Supermodel Malaysia (Male) - Will Beh Khai Sheng

Mrs Malaysia World - Janet Foo
Mrs Globe Malaysia - Joanne Lye (KL)
Mrs Globe Borneo - Cecilia Lee
Mrs Universe Malaysia - Chong Lee Lee
Mrs Malaysia Planet - Elizabeth Sibah (Sabah)
Mrs Malaysia Petite World - Cecelia Lee

Mr International Malaysia - Kash Azim
Mr Global Malaysia - Asyraf Nordin
Mr Universal Ambassador Malaysia - Mohd Yusuf Tony
Mr PanContinental Malaysia - Mohd Yusuf Tony
Mr PanContinental Borneo - Avner Damit
Male Icon Malaysia - Jeffie Jeff

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am BIG!, FAT! and GORGEOUS!-A Miss Jumbo Malaysia 2012 contestant had said during the self introduction.
RM5000 cash was among the prizes won by Siti Aishah in this competition.

The top 3 winners, Yuhanis, Siti Aishah, Adelyn Lim

The crowning moment.

Moon Yoong, the 2011 winner.

The top 5 grand finalists.

Hundreds of shoppers flocked to the concourse area of Sg. Wang Plaza Kuala Lumpur yesterday to watch the grand final of Miss Jumbo Queen Malaysia 2012. The environment was so eclectic as fans and families of the contestants brought whistles and cheering loudly every time their favorite contestants out on stage. The cheers even louder during the self introduction and talent round part as the contestants trying to out do each other by giving their wittiest speeches and performed their best.

The winner was Siti Aishah Abu Asan, 31,  whose weight is 127kg, was the heaviest and also the tallest in the competition as she edged other 11 fellow competitors. To the fact that there were more than 100 applications when the contest was launched several month back, the triumphed even sweeter for her.

1st runner up was won by Adelyn Lee Sook Teng, 27, whose weight was 86 kg while Yuhanis Nazira Ismail, 23, won 2nd runners up. Despite weighing 88 kg, both Adelyn and Yuhanis belonged to the "elegant" type as both of them had natural model charm shined naturally as they strutted the catwalk on the stage. Hristine Cheok Lan Kin, 23, 100 kg and Elaine Lim May Ling, 32, 90 kg rounded out the top 5.

The rest of the contestants were Noormasni Ismail, Nik Nadia Farhana Sahadan, Ng Yen Khoon, Nur Aqila Zulkifli, Nurul Aina Abd Aziz, Esther Lim Pei Ying and Lim Siew Geok. Yuhanis Nazira won herself Most Popular and Most Talented awards while Elaine Lim also won herself two awards, Popular Choice and Most Online Votes. Please visit or for more info.

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