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Mrs Global United 2015 - Mdm Look Kah Hui *International winner, August 1. Minneapolis
Mrs Asia International Global 2015 - Grace Kan
Mrs Asia International Cosmopolitan - Cynthia Yee
Miss Asia Award 2015 - Janice Tan (KL) *International winner
Little Miss World 2015 (9-12 age category) - Jarellyn (KL) *Oct 3, 2015
Miss Model of The World 4th runners up - Tanisha Kaur (Putrajaya)

Miss Universe Malaysia - Vanessa Tevi Kumares (Negeri Sembilan)
Miss World Malaysia - Brynn Zalina Lovett (Sabah)
Miss International Malaysia - Immaculate Lojuki (Sabah)
Miss Earth Malaysia - Danielle Wong (Melaka)
Miss Grand Malaysia - Santhawan Boon Ratana (Kedah)
Miss Supranational Malaysia - Tanisha Kaur (Putrajaya)
Model of The World Malaysia - Charlie Lai (KL)
Miss Global Beauty Queen Malaysia - Rubini Sambanthan (KL)
Miss Tourism World Malaysia - Sherlyn Goh
Miss Tourism Intl Malaysia - Amrit Kaur (Penang)
Miss Intercontinental Malaysia - Livonia Ricky (Sarawak)
Miss Tourism Queen Intl Borneo - Livonia Ricky (Sarawak)
Miss Tourism Intl Malaysia - Xandria Ban (Sabah)
Miss Chinese Intl Malaysia - Janice On
Miss India Worldwide Malaysia - Moganasundari Mahalingam
Miss ASEAN Malaysia - Charissa Chong (KL)
Miss ASEAN Borneo - Yvonne Supang (Sarawak)
Miss Diversity Culture Malaysia - Miera Sheikh (Johor)
Miss Diversity Culture Borneo - Kueh May Fung (Sarawak)
Miss PanContinental Malaysia - Nisha Kumar (KL)
Miss Heritage Intl Malaysia - Miera Sheikh (Johor)
Miss All Nations Malaysia - Cheryll Ho (Perak)
Miss Planet Malaysia - Cheryl Jo-Anne (Sabah)
Miss Bikini Universe Malaysia - Pritty Dhillon (Selangor)
Miss World Peace Malaysia - Pritty Dhillon (Selangor)
International Supermodel Malaysia - Danielle Wong (Melaka)
Miss Global Malaysia - Amrit Kaur Dhillon
Miss Global City Malaysia - Emily Lee & Hayley Yeap (Perak)
Miss Scuba Intl Malaysia - Sanjna Suri
Miss International Queen Malaysia - Hendra (Sarawak)
Miss Petite World Malaysia - Audrey Lee Hwee Wen
Miss SEA Tourism Ambassadress Malaysia -
ifeel Girl Search - Boo Sze Teng

Supermodel Malaysia (Female) - Nurfashikin Mohd Faisal Gomez
Supermodel Malaysia (Male) - Will Beh Khai Sheng

Mrs Malaysia World - Janet Foo
Mrs Globe Malaysia - Joanne Lye (KL)
Mrs Globe Borneo - Cecilia Lee
Mrs Universe Malaysia - Chong Lee Lee
Mrs Malaysia Planet - Elizabeth Sibah (Sabah)
Mrs Malaysia Petite World - Cecelia Lee

Mr International Malaysia - Kash Azim
Mr Global Malaysia - Asyraf Nordin
Mr Universal Ambassador Malaysia - Mohd Yusuf Tony
Mr PanContinental Malaysia - Mohd Yusuf Tony
Mr PanContinental Borneo - Avner Damit
Male Icon Malaysia - Jeffie Jeff

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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Sumudu Prasadini

Sumudu Prasadini is the real Veet Derana Miss Sri Lanka 2012 and she will compete at Miss World 2012
Every Miss Universe fan would be hearing the words Earnst and Young year after year or if you are more of a Miss Earth type of person, the word SGV . Well, Earnst and Young and SGV may not interest any beauty pageant enthusiast but these are the very people that ensure that the tabulation of scores are correct. They are reputable accounting firms and it seems what the Miss World Sri Lanka or Veet Derana Miss Sri Lanka 2012 contest needs.
After proclaiming Vinu Udani Siriwardana as the winner, the organizers gave the scores a more scrutinizing look and found out that the calculations were wrong. The first runner-up Sumudu Prasadini actually garnered a higher score than the crowned winner. What happened next was something that never happened at the national level of Big 4 pageants. Sumudu was hailed as a joint winner with Vinu but it is Sumudu who will go to Miss World 2012 to represent Sri Lanka. It was messy and scandalous and definitely had the pageant employed a reputable accounting firm to verify the results this wouldn't have happened.
So next time you heard the word Earnst and Young or SGV, you can be rest assured that the results are real.
several days back:
Vinu Udani Siriwardana
Miss World Sri Lanka 2012 is Vinu Udani Siriwardana. She's 19 years old and from Dehiwala. She will represent Sri Lanka at the Miss World 2012 pageant to be held in Ordos, Inner Mongola, China.
Vinu Udani Siriwardana
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