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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Miss World 2010 nude photo scandal, Alexandria Mills next on list.

Miss World 2010, Alexandria Mills has barely gotten used to her new title when a scandal broke of her taking nude photos of herself that she sent to her boyfriend earlier this summer, RadarOnline reports.  Just when an American finally wins the Miss World title, this scandal hits the headlines.
Miss World 2010 nude photo scandal - Alexandria Mills finally won for the USA
Alexandria Mills won Miss World out of 115 global contestants in Sanya, China on October 30. Her win is a major for the United States.  All it takes is the click of a camera and your life can be changed.
Miss World 2010 nude photo scandal - photos landed in third party hands
Word is, Alexandria's pictures got into the hands of a third party before the news got out of her nude photos. It's sad to say this is hardly unique news given the long list of celebrity photo scandals this year.  Will the 18-year-old lose her Miss World title?
A Portland, Ore. viewer of televised pageants said, "This is getting really old, these contestants in such prestigious pageants doing stupid things that jeopardize their chances in winning big titles.  I don't think they'll ever learn."
Miss World 2010 nude photo scandal - Alexandria Mills wants to pursue career in photography
Alexandria Mills stated in her profile that she plans to pursue a career in landscape and architectual photography. She apparently liked taking photos of her own architecture.
Will contestants of coveted pageants such as Miss World and Miss USA take a lesson from Alexandria Mills and tell their signifant others to admire their nude features in person instead of photos?
Source:  RadarOnline
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