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Mrs Global United 2015 - Mdm Look Kah Hui *International winner, August 1. Minneapolis
Mrs Asia International Global 2015 - Grace Kan
Mrs Asia International Cosmopolitan - Cynthia Yee
Miss Asia Award 2015 - Janice Tan (KL) *International winner
Little Miss World 2015 (9-12 age category) - Jarellyn (KL) *Oct 3, 2015
Miss Model of The World 4th runners up - Tanisha Kaur (Putrajaya)

Miss Universe Malaysia - Vanessa Tevi Kumares (Negeri Sembilan)
Miss World Malaysia - Brynn Zalina Lovett (Sabah)
Miss International Malaysia - Immaculate Lojuki (Sabah)
Miss Earth Malaysia - Danielle Wong (Melaka)
Miss Grand Malaysia - Santhawan Boon Ratana (Kedah)
Miss Supranational Malaysia - Tanisha Kaur (Putrajaya)
Model of The World Malaysia - Charlie Lai (KL)
Miss Global Beauty Queen Malaysia - Rubini Sambanthan (KL)
Miss Tourism World Malaysia - Sherlyn Goh
Miss Tourism Intl Malaysia - Amrit Kaur (Penang)
Miss Intercontinental Malaysia - Livonia Ricky (Sarawak)
Miss Tourism Queen Intl Borneo - Livonia Ricky (Sarawak)
Miss Tourism Intl Malaysia - Xandria Ban (Sabah)
Miss Chinese Intl Malaysia - Janice On
Miss India Worldwide Malaysia - Moganasundari Mahalingam
Miss ASEAN Malaysia - Charissa Chong (KL)
Miss ASEAN Borneo - Yvonne Supang (Sarawak)
Miss Diversity Culture Malaysia - Miera Sheikh (Johor)
Miss Diversity Culture Borneo - Kueh May Fung (Sarawak)
Miss PanContinental Malaysia - Nisha Kumar (KL)
Miss Heritage Intl Malaysia - Miera Sheikh (Johor)
Miss All Nations Malaysia - Cheryll Ho (Perak)
Miss Planet Malaysia - Cheryl Jo-Anne (Sabah)
Miss Bikini Universe Malaysia - Pritty Dhillon (Selangor)
Miss World Peace Malaysia - Pritty Dhillon (Selangor)
International Supermodel Malaysia - Danielle Wong (Melaka)
Miss Global Malaysia - Amrit Kaur Dhillon
Miss Global City Malaysia - Emily Lee & Hayley Yeap (Perak)
Miss Scuba Intl Malaysia - Sanjna Suri
Miss International Queen Malaysia - Hendra (Sarawak)
Miss Petite World Malaysia - Audrey Lee Hwee Wen
Miss SEA Tourism Ambassadress Malaysia -
ifeel Girl Search - Boo Sze Teng

Supermodel Malaysia (Female) - Nurfashikin Mohd Faisal Gomez
Supermodel Malaysia (Male) - Will Beh Khai Sheng

Mrs Malaysia World - Janet Foo
Mrs Globe Malaysia - Joanne Lye (KL)
Mrs Globe Borneo - Cecilia Lee
Mrs Universe Malaysia - Chong Lee Lee
Mrs Malaysia Planet - Elizabeth Sibah (Sabah)
Mrs Malaysia Petite World - Cecelia Lee

Mr International Malaysia - Kash Azim
Mr Global Malaysia - Asyraf Nordin
Mr Universal Ambassador Malaysia - Mohd Yusuf Tony
Mr PanContinental Malaysia - Mohd Yusuf Tony
Mr PanContinental Borneo - Avner Damit
Male Icon Malaysia - Jeffie Jeff

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

15 beauties vie for Kumang Gawai pageant tonight.

Saturday May 15, 2010


BEAUTY pageant winners often go into careers quite unrelated to their glamorous beginnings.
Take 1992 Kumang Gawai winner, Pamela Ragam, for example. She won the pageant on her first try at just 19 years of age, then followed up on her winning streak at the 1993 Kuching Festival Queen pageant, where she got second. She also made it as a Miss Sarawak finalist the following year.
Currently, Pamela, 35, is a businesswoman. She runs a modest stationary supply sole-proprietorship in Kuching.
“In the first place, I got into the beauty pageant scene unplanned,” Pamela told StarMetro. “I wasn’t that hopeful, but to my surprise, I became the Kumang. It was a great feeling and I was relatively successful at other pageants later on.”
But what impeded her early career was not lack of determination, instead, it was lack of opportunities.
“Back then, there wasn’t much of a modelling scene,” Pamela recalled. “And I don’t think the scene has improved much since then. In Peninsular Malaysia, yes; but not here, unfortunately.”
Beauty tips: Pamela advising the finalists during rehearsal on Thursday night.
Pamela is head coach to the 15 finalists for this year’s Kumang Gawai pageant. Speaking to StarMetro at the final rehearsal on Thursday night, Pamela said she felt honoured to be imparting her knowledge and experience.
“Looking at all these young girls, I see part of me in them.”
To be good in a beauty pageant takes nerves. In fact, it is no surprise that a few of the finalists this year are Mass Communication degree graduates and students.
“It’s a combination of knowledge and confidence,” Pamela said. “To me, there’s no clear distinction between urban and rural kids or how well they’re educated. I feel that having the kind of confidence to present yourself, in any situation, but especially on stage, is innate. Some kids are just more confidence than others.”
But with so much emphasis on knowledge these days, are beauty pageants losing its lustre?
“I think there will always be a time and place for beauty, for grace,” Pamela said.
“Furthermore, the Kumang Gawai is an opportunity for Dayaks to show off our tradition and culture. It’s a chance for girls across Sarawak to get together and learn from each other. In today’s society, any exposure is good.”
Keeping in step with the times, the pageant winner this year will go on to become Sarawak Dayak National Union’s (SDNU) ambassador.
As such, the judging criteria has been tweaked, placing more emphasis on public speaking skills. The pageant’s main organiser Senorita Linang said 20% of the judging criteria will be based on speaking abilities.
“At the very least, the finalists should be fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia,” Senorita said. “Poise and personality will cover another 30% while the remainder is on beauty.”
The pageant, which will be held tonight, is the highlight of SDNU’s annual Gawai Dinner. Initially, more than 20 girls signed up for the pageant. Besides the ambassadorship, the winner will also walk away with RM5,000. The second place winner will receive RM3,000 and third place, RM2,000.
Meanwhile, The Star is sponsoring a RM1,000 prize for the pageant’s Miss Photogenic subsidiary title.
Social Development and Urbanisation Minister Datuk Seri William Mawan Ikom will officiate at the dinner at the Christian Ecumenical Centre, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho in Kuching.
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